About Us

This company was founded to re-purpose the woody materials that our parent company, Hamilton Tree Service Inc., was generating and sending to the landfill. We have designed a product that is environmentally preferable and ecologically friendly; all of our materials are derived from local tree and landscape companies and are processed right here in the San Francisco bay area (Martinez).


What we pride ourselves on…

Ecomulch has diverted approximately 200,000 tons of wood material since 2006 with the help of local cities and landscapers in the Contra Costa County. We take an otherwise waste product of local professional tree companies and process their materials to create a usable high quality product that is valuable to our local communities.

The product we create is absolutely the best mulch available due to the high organic content created by using the entire tree and not just the bark. We also pride ourselves on our zero contamination feedstock unlike mass produced mulch found from most refuse companies. We use no pallets, construction debris, or green waste that may have contaminates such as herbicide, petroleum or metal products. In addition, we produce a small carbon footprint due to our location which results in less emissions due to not having to transport our feedstock from the forest.

Ecomulch also loves to help the community through donating our products to local non-profit organizations and charities such as Habitat for Humanity, the Boy Scouts of America, and numerous local churches and schools. So when you support Ecomulch, you are supporting your neighbors. As a family, community based business, we rely on friends, family and customers to help our company thrive. If you know of someone who could benefit from our services, please let us know!