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When I think of ways to green my life, I rarely think beyond the curb. Like everyone else, I load up my recycling bins and park them on the street; I leave my chopped grass trimmings on the lawn to return nitrogen to the soil; and I sell our cans and bottles to the recyclers every now and then, assuming they get transformed into other products. But recently, I received a lesson in what it takes to sustain sustainable operations,...

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Local Eco-Friendly, Organic Landscape Supplier Practices Sustainability Heather Hamilton has been a recycler for as long as she can remember. “We recycled everything,” says the owner of EcoMulch, an organic mulch manufacturing and landscape supply company based in Martinez. For nearly two decades, she and her husband, Grant, have shared a vision of a sustainable business that would reuse wood chipping and green material to nourish the...

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