Organic Soils



Organic Blend - $75 per cubic yard

Sonoma Valley Organic Blend is perfect for raised bed or in-ground gardening, including vegetable and herb gardens. We blend forest mulch, loam, organic compost, red lava rock, delta sand, aged chicken manure, 7-5-7, gypsum, bloodmeal, Peruvian seabird guano, worm castings, and oyster shell flour to create a light, well-draining medium.


Local Blend - $45 per cubic yard

Top Soil that consists of  Horse Manure, Sandy Loam, & Local Clayton Soil, Great topping for lawn prep or filling in for landscape shrubs and plants.



Organic Compost - $49 per cubic yard

Composted green and brown organic material up to temperatures. Good for mulching with, Using as slow release fertilizer, and as soil amendment for sandy,silty, or clay soils.